Gabriel Marin - Chief Executive Officer


Gabriel Marin, is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Omnilogic. Mr. Marin graduated from the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest in 1984 and got a PhD in Economics and Computer Science in 1996. He established Omnilogic in the autumn of 1992 with only $500, built and has lead it until today as one of the most visible success stories of the incumbent Romanian market economy.

“As a former basketball player, I understood that in business, as well as in professional sports, there’s no room for second place. We build our business based on a platform of performance, honesty and non-compromise and we have targeted the leading position in the domestic market from the very beginning. I’m happy that we succeeded in reaching that position as fast as our second business year. Later, as our growth rate was significant and constant, we started to consider the region and even the whole of Europe, as the potential next frontier, and now I’m quite positive that we’ll be able to transform it into reality. Transforming Omnilogic into a billion Euro company and position it among one of the leading European IT&C companies is ultimately, one of our main objectives” mentioned Marin.

Also a passionate Harley-Davidson biker and a cricket fan, Mr. Marin acknowledges the responsibilities that successful businesses owe to the community in which they work and live. As one of the preeminent Romanian companies, Omnilogic has actively involved itself in the day-by-day life of its community, investing efforts and money primarily not only in sports (main partner/sponsor of the Romanian Basketball Federation) but also in cultural areas (one of the main sponsors of the National Opera in Bucharest).

On the social side, in 1994 the Omnilogic Foundation was established. The purpose was charitable, trying to keep children off the streets, by offering them the option of team sports (basketball) in an organized, clean and healthy environment with professional coaches, offering sport scholarships to gifted children, as well as medical and financial support to the elderly, retired players, coaches and their families. Since 1994, more than 6000 children have participated in the Omnilogic Foundation activities.