Future oriented solutions for competitive and efficient business

Core Values


To obey all the laws of Romania and all other countries in which Omnilogic is doing business directly or indirectly


We like to commit and to deliver what we have committed ourselves to. To be able to raise and address the most difficult issues. To admit error and make correct amendments when appropriate.


To recognize our position as defenders of our customers' businesses. To place the best of our thinking, energies and abilities into supporting customer enterprises. To be able to raise issues if customer practices are not in alignment with our ethics policies.


To have the courage to speak the truth, and to be absolutely straight and vertical in all cases, with our not only our customers, but also our suppliers, co- workers and company shareholders.


To value the differences as well as similarities in all of our customers, co-workers, suppliers and shareholders.


All activities should be clean and transparent to customers, suppliers, co-workers and company shareholders.

Future Oriented

We transform the challenges into opportunities, considering that survival depends upon the way you understand technology trends.