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Omnilogic management was targeting from the very beginning, to become the dominant player in the domestic, as well as in the regional IT&C market. The company (founded in November 1992 as a private, limited liabilities one), was one of the first to sense the considerable development potential of the technology sector in Romania.

Just a few years after the start-up and notably, with a relatively small number of employees, the company achieved over 20% of the Romanian traditional IT &C market. The success of the company could be considered primarily due to the realistic business vision of adapting permanently to both the worldwide technological trends as well as to the local market challenges. During its first years of activity, Omnilogic started to invest in high level partnerships, mainly with the at-that-time no. 1's and no. 2's in the IT&C global market, such as IBM, Digital Equipment Corp., Novell, Microsoft, SMC, Seagate, Oki, etc.


Later, Omnilogic enlarged its circle of partners with Hewlett-Packard/Compaq, Dell, Lexmark, Xerox, Corel, etc. Anticipating the downturn in traditional IT&C market, and trying to identify new growth areas, Omnilogic took an early and dramatic decision in the late 90's, to reconsider its core business model and refocus on some other segments within the technology sector, segments involving more potential for growth and profitability.


Therefore, the company moved completely out of component distribution, yet continuing to be active just in the narrow verticals of branded PC’s, peripherals and retail software. Its high priority has been set on high-end networking and the (then) nascent market for converged data-voice. Soon after, Omnilogic strengthened the already existing business relationship with companies like RAD Data Communications (1994), Bay Networks (1995) or set-up new direct partnership with market leaders like Cisco (1998), Avaya/Nortel (1999), Checkpoint (2000), Ericsson (2001) or Harris (2002).