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N1 gets a modem

2007-01-31 17:16:06

The Belkin N1 Modem Router lets your computers quickly and efficiently exchange documents, share resources, and distribute large video and music files throughout your network at a link rate of up to 300Mbps. Belkin's advanced security protects both wireless and wired computers from hackers and intruders. The consumers can add up to 32 computers to their wireless network with additional notebook and desktop adapters.

Based on the 802.11n draft, N1 Wireless enables multiple receivers and transmitters to send and receive data through the air, using Intelligent MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) spatial multiplexing techniques. This smart-antenna technology builds upon the widely deployed 802.11g standard by increasing speed, coverage, and reliability of wireless systems. Providing greater range and faster speeds, N1 Wireless offers a quick and efficient way for people to distribute video, music, photos, and files among the networked computers in their homes.