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Omnilogic signed a partnership agreement with Frontal


2009-01-21 17:32:15

In September 2008, Omnilogic signed a broad partnership agreement with the local system integrator and VAR, Frontal Communication SRL, a newly appointed Cisco Gold Partner, and same time the Romanian largest Cisco partner in terms of revenue.

Within the terms of the agreement, Frontal Communications will have access to Omnilogic strong customer installed base and will be able to develop its complex services portfolio on Omnilogic DataCenter infrastructure. On its side, Omnilogic will gain a competitive technological edge, by being able to include in its offer the most advanced structure of unified communications solutions, integrated data security solutions as well as related services. "I'm impressed by the technical performance achieved by the 30 members of Frontal Communication team, who achieved Cisco Gold Partner Certification so quickly, in less than a year, when typically this certification process lasts 2-3 years. I have my full confidence that Frontal Communication will become in 2009 an undisputed leader of the IT&C system integration market in Romania,” said Gabriel Marin, CEO Omnilogic.

"Frontal Communication company is active on the Romanian market since 1994. I am the President of this company and I represent its main shareholder, General Communication company from Austria, that owns 90% from Frontal Communication's shares. I want to congratulate my team who have made efforts and achieved this important certification from Cisco. We've entered a strategic partnership with Omnilogic and now I want to also thank Mr. Gabriel Marin - CEO Omnilogic for the trust he puts in us. In this partnership we've agreed to access Omnilogic's resources: the customer database and the datacenter built in Otopeni," said Erik Graf, President at Frontal Communication.

As a Cisco Gold Partner, Frontal Communication follows strict standards enforced by Cisco regarding the networking, services and support capabilities, needed to achieve a high degree of customer satisfaction. This acknowledges the high degree of technological expertise Frontal Communication team has now for successful implementation and development of complex projects, benefiting from the Omnilogic and Cisco credential, trust and support. For more information regarding Frontal Communication competencies and complex portfolio please visit