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Inauguration of Omnilogic Campus

2009-01-07 17:34:43

Omnilogic, one of the major companies on the local IT&C market, has officially opened its new 24,000 square meters campus located in Otopeni. The inauguration ceremony took place in the presence of many partners, collaborators, clients, and providers.

The company's continuous development during its 15 years of activity lead to the construction of a new operational center, a major investment in one of the most modern IT&C headquarters in the region. Along with this new campus, Omnilogic has invested around 8 million Euros in the safest data center in Romania. With over 1,500 square meters size – expandable to 3,000 during the second phase – Omnilogic data center fits the TIA942 – TIER 3-4 standards, and includes all utilities of a fix facility (redundant utility sources, earthquake protection, mixed cooling air/water, nominal power independent generators etc.)

The data center addresses particularly the needs of big size companies active in other fields than IT which understand that it is more efficient to use the services of a company specialized in data protection. Omnilogic data center can host data of four or five big size companies, 20 to 30 middle size companies, and an unlimited number of small companies. This is the safest data hosting and processing center in Romania, and beginning with the spring of 2009, it will be extended in order to address the needs of an increasing number of clients. At the same time, Omnilogic will focus on building three or four similar data centers in other regions of the country.