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Omnilogic CEO - A fortune leader and visionary

2008-09-18 17:36:21

Within Fortune Magazine's "Why Choose Romania?" section, Mr. Gabriel Marin, CEO Omnilogic, was recently presented as the exponent of a generation of entrepreneurs who have played a significant role in creating the modern Romania. According to Fortune, the founder of Omnilogic is "one of the first to see the potential of Romania's technology sector", a leader and a visionary who have contributed to the continuous development of the Romanian technology market. Referring to Omnilogic's position on the Romanian technology market, Mr. Marin emphasized the fact that, within the context of local IT&C market, adaptability is critical."The advantage of Omnilogic compared to most of our colleagues and competitors in the domestic market right now is our vision, differentiation, and adaptability", said Mr. Marin. He also stated that Omnilogic is not looking for a quick success story and a fast exist, and that the company is aiming 1 billion $ turnover by the end of 2012.

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