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Omnilogic Logistic Center in Switzerland

2008-05-26 17:45:41

Omnilogic, the leading Romanian IT&C company announces the opening of its European logistic hub in Buchs, Switzerland.

The official name of the new entity is Omnilogic Logistic Centre (OLC Gmbh), is a Swiss legal entity and it is fully owned (100%) by Omnilogic in Romania. This opening is also in connection with a more that 3 mil EUR investment, that Omnilogic has budgeted for the next 2 years for the development of this centre.

"I strongly believe that this step was absolutely necessary. Omnilogic made clear and public statements about its regional / European expansion strategy and its ambitions to become one of the preeminent players within the European IT&C market in the next 3-5 years. We badly needed this regional hub, and I’m happy that we’ve finally got it.
Regarding the business strategy, we’ll try to combine our efficient, internal productivity model (more than 3 mil USD/employee), our advanced technical capabilities with the geographical and infrastructure advantages that Switzerland can offer today" mentioned Mr. Gabriel Marin, Managing Director of Omnilogic.