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Gabriel Marin - Lead to Renaissance

2008-03-11 17:50:36

Mr. Gabriel Marin, Omnilogic's Managing Director, was recently cited by Financial Times within an article signed by Thomas Escritt ("Romania 2008. Who's who: Returnees emerge to lead renaissance") presenting Romanian key figures who inspire the local evolution in various fields. In 1992, Mr. Marin founded Omnilogic, after leaving Control Data Corporation.

Today, Omnilogic is "one of the largest systems integrators in south-east Europe". Reffering to early 1990's, Omnilogic's Managing Director depicted this period as "quite a hectic and wild time", when an importer's biggest challenge was obtaining hard currency. "It's hard to do financial planning when the currency is depreciating by 300 per cent a year and inflation is running in three digits", Mr. Marin explained to Financial Times.