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Gabriel Marin interviewed by E-Finance

2007-09-20 17:56:43

The Managing Director, Mr. Gabriel Marin, recently offered an interview to e-Finance, explaining how spectacular the last 15 years have been for Omnilogic’s evolution within a local industry that can be easily depicted as an extremely fluid one. Mr. Marin briefly presented the history of Omnilogic over the years and revealed some of the company's plans for the near future. Referring to Omnilogic's position on the Romanian IT&C market, Mr. Marin said that the company is aiming 1 billion $ for the next 5-7 years, or even 3 billion $, if we count the acquisitions Omnilogic is planning.

"Our company is going to be among the first 20 European IT&C market players. Omnilogic is not growing in order to be sold. We still believe that we can become a Romanian success for Europe", said Gabriel Marin.

The company is proud to be cited by Forbes (2006), Fortune (2007), International Herald Tribune and the prestigious French weekly magazine Le Point.