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Omnilogic in International Media

2007-08-10 18:08:27

International Herald Tribune dedicated, recently, a two-pieces special section to Romania, explaining the readers the latest developments in the main local industry vectors. Omnilogic is proud to be one of the interviewed companies for this special section, through the voice of our Managing Director, Gabriel Marin. The whole section gets into a detailed view upon the Romania business perspective to which, with all due respect, Omnilogic is paying an important contribution day by day. „We expect more than 60 percent of companies in the Romanian IT&C sector to disappear...

This is normal, as the worldwide market is consolidating”, said Gabriel Marin, adding that Omnilogic is aiming at $ 1 billion until 2012, in terms of total revenue. But being in the International Herald Tribune pages wasn't the only media success in July: the prestigious weekly French magazine Le Point analysed the Romanian economic boom over 6 pages, and placed Omnilogic in the biggest players' constellation.

The editor speaks about the „blizzardly development of Omnilogic, the largest distributor in software and hardware”, a company which controls 20% of the market, and whose managing director, Gabriel Marin, is looking to buy European companies, especially French.