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Omnilogic - AMP Netconnect Distributor in Romania!

2013-01-29 16:08:08

OMNILOGIC announces the conclusion of a distribution agreement with a new top vendor: AMP NETCONNECT, the ENTERPRISE NETWORKS Department of TE Connectivity (formerly known as TYCO ELECTRONICS), a global leader in the field of structured cabling systems for communication, data and video networks.

Structured cabling is the basis on which the entire computer and telephone network of a company is built. A well-built network generates a small number of inconveniences within any computer network. The main advantage of structured cabling is the significant decrease of long-term costs of communication infrastructure as it removes the need to have new cables and equipment installed every time you use new applications. AMP NETCONNECT cable systems made of copper and optical fibre are tailored to all application types ranging from analogue telephony to 10 GBit Ethernet and – last but not least – to data centres.

"Our reliable solutions for complete systems adapt to networks of any size, as they cover cabling needs in a small office and are also efficient for the campus cable networks, with several buildings and thousands of end-users. They also meet the urgent requirements of all applicable international and regional standards. Car manufacturers rely on AMP NETCONNECT systems in order to support their critical business applications and so do airports, financial institutions, governmental bodies, hospitals and schools", said Mr. Adrian Iancu, Project Sales Engineer, Network Solutions, AMP NETCONNECT.

Through the walls, under the floors, above the ceiling, deep inside the communication room, here is the realm of the products and services provided by TE Connectivity AMP NETCONNECT.

TE Connectivity AMP NETCONNECT is the provider of complete solutions to IT network infrastructures, including optical fibre cable systems in twist pairs, active equipment and an Intelligent Infrastructure Management System (IIMS).

"Approaching the complete system, our expertise with Enterprise networks, the consolidated applications, the low energy consumption in the data centre and the improved network management by re-usable AMP NETCONNECT condensed, intelligent systems for data networks and centres are only a few of the arguments that have convinced us to conclude this partnership agreement", stated Mr. Gabriel Marin, CEO, Omnilogic.

Omnilogic, as a Value Added Distributor, is able to provide its partners both with the consultancy and expertise required to implement such solutions and with the appropriate support for highly complex implementations that require proficient resources and knowledge.

> TE Connectivity AMP NETCONNECT products and services that have been widely appreciated at global level are now available in Romania through Omnilogic and its network of authorized resellers.

Thus, Omnilogic enriches its range of outstanding partnerships as it has concluded an agreement for the distribution of TE Connectivity AMP NETCONNECT solutions in Romania. "We suggest our partners to join and help us develop structured cabling solutions able to change and improve their performance and their clients' business by this highly performing network with an infrastructure adapted to data centres. Faster bandwidth connection, information security and the compliance with global standards are critical to effective IT services and applications", said Mrs. Vali Gaitan, Indirect Sales Senior Manager, Omnilogic.

The approach of an IT infrastructure complete system (hardware, software, IT services) is an important goal of Omnilogic Company to the advantage of its partners.

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