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Fortune Magazine dedicated to Omnilogic a full page in March


2007-03-26 18:18:43

Fortune Magazine dedicated to Omnilogic a one page profile in its March issue, stating that our company is likely touching the lives of anyone who uses a computer, makes mobile phone calls or does banking in Romania. The editorial team presented our history as it was from the very beginning, till now when (Omnilogic) already become a magnet for foreign firms looking to take advantage of the country's strategic position as a new member of the European Union. Fortune reckons that Omnilogic holds a 30 percent market share and has established itself as one of the most important suppliers of telecom-specific hardware and software for landline and wireless markets.

"We are infrastructure builders and we partner ourselves with the number one and two market leaders in different sectors", explains the company's founder and managing director, Gabriel Marin, for Fortune Magazine. Keeping the company competitive and controlling costs are the driving forces behind Marin's approach to doing business, including using a twist on the outsourcing theme -- which in most peoples' minds brings up images of funneling work to lower-wage locales such as India.

Marin looks within his own country. The magazine writes about our partnership with known IT leaders such Cisco, Nortel Networks and Ericsson AB, through which Omnilogic has managed to make itself indispensable to Romania's financial sector. With its eye on reaching $500 million in revenue in 2007 and $1 billion by 2010-2012, Omnilogic has set a goal to not only take advantage of Romania's EU membership but to also position itself to become a global player. Yet, Marin says that even if the company reaches that level -- and sets the stage for a possible IPO - it will never lose sight of its core business and its place in the niche market, the story ends.