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The August 2006 issue of Forbes

2006-08-01 09:57:51

The August 2006 issue of Forbes had a piece about Romanian business development, and it was an excellent opportunity for Omnilogic to be part of this important editorial project. Under the title The Information Highway in Romania: On The Right Track, the Fortune writers made a company profile, starting from an interview with Gabriel Marin, managing director Omnilogic. "Expanding by 20.2 percent, the information technology and communications sector (IT&C) is the fastest growing area of the Romanian economy. As the leading company in the sector for the past ten years, Omnilogic now has as its goal to be among Europe's top twenty companies in system integration. Under the direction of its founder and managing director, Gabriel Marin, the company is currently concentrating, therefore, on the sale of high-end, value-added-products such as branded servers and workstations, telecommunication products and high-end networking gear", states the article.

"For Omnilogic membership of the EU is, beyond the obvious challenge, mainly a great opportunity and I strongly believe that we are prepared to take advantage of it", said Marin for Forbes. And the story continues: Marin started Omnilogic 14 years ago with 500 dollars. "It was like the Wild West at the very beginning," he recalls. "Romania was a country with high opportunities but without any rules. Somehow, we did follow-up the general economic rule that spectacular success stories usually start in transition times, simply because in a well-settled economy you cannot really grow explosively." Today Omnilogic has a turnover of almost $165 million and the company management forecasts total revenues of $400-450 million for the 2008 financial year and up to $1 billion by 2011.