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Omnilogic, Cisco Meraki partner in Romania

2013-05-08 11:54:05

OMNILOGIC announces the signing of a new partnership with Cisco Meraki, extending the existing partnership with Cisco to include wireless and   cloud networking offerings for customers.

Cisco Meraki technology offers customers Wi-Fi solutions, switching, mobility, security and centralized management of cloud-based license. Cisco Meraki's solutions support BYOD, create and manage wireless clients, application control, WAN optimization, application firewall and other advanced network services.

In December 2012, Cisco finalized the acquisition of Meraki, creating the newly formed Cisco Cloud Networking group. Cisco acquired Meraki to provide scalable, easy-to-use networking solutions for clients who want to simplify their network infrastructure. Now part of Cisco,  the addition of Meraki’s product portfolio and technology capabilities will increase investments in R&D to develop the next generation of networking products in the cloud. Cisco Meraki have pledged to continue to support customers and partners together, and continue to improve and expand the entire range of Meraki products.

The acquisition reinforces Cisco’s Unified Access platform, making IT more responsive to innovation in business by simplifying IT operations and unifying wired and wireless networks, policies and administration in a single infrastructure integrated network, unlike other competitive offerings.
Cisco Meraki now bring the benefits of cloud technology to new limits in the network infrastructure, providing easily managed wireless equipment, cloud swiching and security capabilities, and allowing customers to benefit from new business opportunities and reduced operational costs. Customers who are looking to secure iPads in a big organization or on a campus environment with Wi-Fi coverage are able to do so because the extended Cisco Meraki network solutions simply work.

"Cisco Meraki offers a complete range of cloud manageable solutions, including wireless LAN, Ethernet switches, security devices, and mobile device management, all designed to simplify the complex challenges of IT networks. More than 10,000 customers worldwide trust Cisco Meraki solutions. This prompted us to sign this partnership, "said Ms. Vali Gaitan, Regional Sales Manager Omnilogic.

Headquartered in San Jose, California, with offices around the world, Cisco Meraki provides more value to customers in the midmarket, while increasing demand for the Cisco Meraki enterprise.

As the IT industry becomes and all enter a new phase: it was mobile-cloud, Cisco Meraki wanted to solve business problems and network infrastructure of its customers by providing cloud networking equipment along with network and security services existing portfolio. The Meraki acquisition complements and expands Cisco's strategy to provide software-centric solutions capable of simplifying network management, helping clients to develop mobile workforce and generate new revenue opportunities for partners.

Omnilogic as a Value Added Distributor is able to offer its partners the advice and expertise to implement such solutions and support needed to implement high degree of complexity requiring specialized knowledge and resources.

Cisco Meraki wireless networking and cloud networking products and solutions are popular globally and are now available in Romania through Omnilogic and its network of authorized resellers.

Thus continues the series Omnilogic exceptional partnerships, closing a distribution contract with Cisco Meraki solutions in Romania. "We offer our partners the Cisco Meraki cloud networking solutions as they will extend the Cisco Meraki networking by providing scalable solutions for companies in the midmarket," said Mrs. Vali Gaitan, Regional Sales Director Omnilogic.