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Bill Clinton, invited by Omnilogic to talk about romanian brand

2005-06-22 10:16:52

Bucharest. June, 2005. Former president Bill Clinton came to Romania to talk about „mark”, „brand” and identity. This event was organized by OMNILOGIC and Brand Academy. It was more than a simple PR event: it was a convergence meeting between a leader's big ideas and those of Romanian Leaders and Public Opinion. One of the Mr.Clinton main ideas was that Romania must have a „true, good and future oriented brand”.

„Each country has to develop her economy in perfect balance with social protection measures. On the other hand, it isn't possible to have a moral government when it economically failed. This is the problem people think about in the morning, when the most important things become their future and their children's education”, was another message from the president who succeed to bring to his country the most stable social and economical government in the last 30 years.