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Omnilogic became the local distributor for ZTE Corporation in

Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bulgaria and Republic of


2014-10-01 13:29:54

Omnilogic became the local distributor for ZTE Corporation in Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bulgaria and Republic of Moldova

OMNILOGIC announces the distribution agreement conclusion with ZTE Corporation, one of the greatest worldwide manufacturers of telecommunication and networking solutions equipment. Concluding this agreement, Omnilogic became the local distributor for ZTE Corporation in Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bulgaria and Republic of Moldova.

ZTE Corporation was set up in 1985, in Shenzhen, China, and is currently carrying out activities in more than 160 countries. ZTE is an equipment manufacturer for fixed and mobile telecommunication networks, for optical and voice/data networks, including next generation smart networks.

By offering the most comprehensive product range of the industry and end-to-end solutions, ZTE provides next generation technology to both telecom operators and enterprise area users, to Small and Medium Businesses and last but not least, to government agencies from different countries around the world.

Therefore, ZTE offers incorporated wireline and wireless solutions, smart devices and complementary value added services (configuration, installation, maintenance etc.). ZTE Company's expertise and flexibility supported and are still supporting telecommunication operators and large organisations as well as Small and Medium Business for them to reach their business target and to significantly increase their competitiveness.

ZTE technology is implemented by the main international operators and multinational companies named in Fortune-500. Last but not least, the company is the fourth greatest worldwide mobile phones manufacturer, offering smart and trendy devices for customers around the world.

"Omnilogic added a strategic brand in its portfolio obtaining value added distribution rights (VAD) for all ZTE products range in Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia and Republic of Moldova. As of August 1st 2014, Omnilogic will launch customized programmes dedicated to sales channel whose initiatives will target both traditional partners from Small and Medium Business area and great systems integrators. These initiatives will be focused on identifying, recruiting and certifying ZTE partners. Adopting new technologies and benefiting from ZTE products' quality and innovation, as well as from the excellent cost-performance ratio, Omnilogic partners can more efficiently satisfy their customers’ needs." said Gabriel Marin, Omnilogic's General Manager.

"The partnership between Omnilogic and ZTE Romania is a two-concept natural joint regarding the elites' power of expression. The first one is represented by the refinement, accuracy and quickness of the successful implementations, while the second one is represented by the customising services and equipment intelligence in high technology product lines contributing as well own research and development institutes.  We have the basis for a long-term collaboration that will help the business environment develop by offering it a different partnership approach as well as a technological one, since ZTE Corporation is the spearhead of both customised technologies and partnerships that are based on direct guidance and unique proprietary products. The agreement between the two intellectual and productive environments of Omnilogic and ZTE will offer both the internal market and Romania’s neighbour countries a more efficient access to the Chinese product lines, thus providing direct knowledge of future technologies.” said Lorian Vintila, ZTE Romania's General Manager.

"“Our decision to sign the partnership with ZTE has mainly been determined by our resellers’ feedbacks (both Romanian and regional) regarding the need to guide the Omnilogic portfolio solutions to a brand that is not only extremely competitive, but also adapted to the current IT market context; in other words, a brand that may satisfy both the high quality requirements of end customers and the decreasing budgets that have to be observed. Omnilogic thinks ZTE solutions are ideal for our South-East European partners. Thanks to this partnership, Omnilogic will facilitate the access of its own distribution channel to ZTE competitive products and solutions" said Vali Gaitan, Regional Sales Manager Omnilogic.


Information about ZTE CORPORATION

ZTE CORPORATION is a worldwide provider, a telecommunication equipment and network solutions leader.  Operating in 160 countries, the company is a technological innovation leader which offers high quality products and business solutions for customers around the world. Established in 1985, ZTE is listed on the stock exchange from Hong Kong and Shenzhen, being the greatest listed telecommunication equipment company in China.

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ZTE opened recently in Timisoara, Romania, a service centre to monitor telecom networks from 23 states. This centre is already operating and has about 250 employees. The centre will provide monitoring services of the operators’ networks from 23 member and non-member states of the European Union.

Information about Omnilogic

Established in 1992, Omnilogic – an important value added IT&C distributor from Romania and Adriatic area – has constantly launched one of the next generation technologies both in Romania and EEA local market.  Omnilogic is specialised not only in selling value added IT&C complex products, such as high-end systems, storage solutions, specialised software, telecommunication and networking solutions, but it was also a pioneer (from 2008) on local market for Cloud services such as IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service), SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) and AaaS (Applications-as-a-Service). All these services were delivered form its own dedicated data centre, Tier-3 internationally certified, placed within its head office from Bucharest/Otopeni.

Omnilogic's Technology Partners portfolio includes, with a few exceptions, all major IT&C hardware and software manufacturers from the last two decades, such as Oracle, Cisco, IBM, VMWare, EMC, Dell etc. For more details, visit