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“Stolen Identity” case within the Microsoft and EADS

corruption investigation

2015-09-30 20:01:04

During the last 12-14 months (and even more frequently during the last weeks), a lot of rumors and media documents have been spread around, potentially associating the names of Omnilogic and its CEO, Mr. Gabriel Marin, to the public scandals ref. both the Procurement by the Romanian Government of Microsoft licenses (between 2002 and 2014) and the Border Control project assign by the Romanian Government to EADS company.

According to its standard internal policies, Omnilogic does not answer or comment the rumors and/or media gossip, but it is always open, responsive and cooperative to all inquiries initiated by official public authorities, in the spirit of respecting its strong code of business ethics and operational transparency.

However, since those rumors and gossip are lately touching a point which we consider to be critical for our legitimate business activities and it has already affected our day-by-day activities, Omnilogic wants, at this point in time, to state its position for what we consider a flagrant case of intentional and on-purpose “STOLEN IDENTITY”.

The anonymous person hidden under various names such as “Marin Gabi”, “Gabi Marin” or in some documents under “Marin Gabriel - Manager of an IT company” (and which appears as the main whistleblower in both 2002-2014 Microsoft Licenses Procurement scandal and in the recently revealed EADS case), has absolutely nothing to do with Omnilogic or with its CEO Mr. Gabriel Marin.

Initially, based on good faith, we also believed that it might be a simple coincidence of names, but lately it become more and more evident that we’re in front of a brutal, on-purpose, “STOLEN IDENTITY” case. Now, Omnilogic has no doubts that the above mentioned anonymous person (evidently being more than familiar with the Romanian IT&C landscape), has intentionally chosen this name in order to create confusion and to affect both the legitimate business interests of Omnilogic and the public image of its CEO, Mr.Gabriel Marin.

We’ve also noticed that, and obviously not by accident, in all documents presented by various Romanian media, the person hidden under this name has NO ELEMENT OF IDENTIFICATION (national ID card no, date-of-birth, parent names, etc), elements which might eventually help to reveal his real identity. Therefore, although we might imagine that these are probably the standard, normal precautions for protecting undercover whistleblowers, for us it is more than evident that the respective whistleblower has chosen this name intentionally, in order to affect our legitimate business interest and the public image of Omnilogic, of its CEO and of all Omnilogic employees.

Note. Not a surprise, even the signature which appears in the down-right part of the leaked document has nothing to do with Mr. Gabriel Marin’s signature.

Considering all the above, we want to state firmly the official position of Omnilogic as follows: “Neither Omnilogic as a company nor its CEO, Mr. Gabriel Marin, have got any connection, DIRECTLY or INDIRECTLY, with any of the companies or with any the persons mentioned as involved in the corruption cases of Microsoft License Procurement case or with the recently mentioned EADS - Border Control case.”

Note. It is of public knowledge the frosty and constrained relationship between Microsoft and Omnilogic during the last 17-18 years. Omnilogic cut all its ties with Microsoft in 1998, for deep disagreements on Microsoft local business policies and since then, Omnilogic and its CEO Mr. Gabriel Marin have been in the frontline of the Romanian Open-Source movement, as it could be proven by countless interviews, articles and even interpellations of our CEO, Mr. Gabriel Marin to the Romanian Government for stopping buying extremely costly Microsoft licenses and switch to open-source products.

Omnilogic salutes and support the Anti-Corruption Department investigations in these cases and strongly believes that the Romanian citizens and taxpayers, have the right to find out all the persons which have been involved in both Microsoft licenses procurement and in the potential EADS case.

Not at least, we believe that finding the real identity of this person at a certain point in time, (whoever this person could be), might be more than beneficial for the whole IT&C business community, both in Romania and in the region, which probably was and still is deeply confusing in the last few months as to the real identity of these persons in the 2 corruption cases and about the un-explicable reasons for the association of the names of Omnilogic and its CEO Mr. Gabriel Marin with Microsoft and EADS Border Control.

Finally, we want to let you know that Omnilogic is working with its Lawyers and will start its own legal action against the respective person under the charge of intentional “Stolen Identity” (as soon as the official investigation will be closed - since we don’t want to interfere or to damage in any way the Anti-Corruption Department investigation process on those 2 major corruption cases).”

Omnilogic Department of Communication and PR.