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INFOSEC UPS System products available in Romania through


2017-03-31 16:09:55
Omnilogic announces the collaboration with a leading manufacturer of uninterruptible power supplies and surge protection, INFOSEC UPS System.

Experience gained worldwide for over 25 years on various global markets helped INFOSEC UPS System to design and develop a full line of electrical protection solutions to perfectly meet the needs of its customers.

Full range of UPS is designed to ensure continuity of a constant flow of energy and to protect important data, equipment and workflow. INFOSEC hardware protection systems work with software applications that provide full protection for sensitive equipment in all circumstances.

Unparalleled reliability helps INFOSEC UPS System satisfy its customers throughout the world. INFOSEC’s long experience and strong willingness to offer customised solutions to its users helped it have build strong partnerships based on a unique and stimulating relationship with its customers. INFOSEC is proud to offer its partners a high-performing sales support, creative marketing tools and technical knowledge.

“INFOSEC UPS System has a range of UPS suitable for all applications: provide the best levels of performance in terms of power and for power backup and enable the design of customised solutions. INFOSEC UPS System solutions are ideal for the requirements of our partners. Omnilogic becomes partner for INFOSEC UPS System on national coverage distribution of its products” said Vali Gaitan, Regional Sales Manager Omnilogic.

The new partnership will allow Omnilogic to provide extensive INFOSEC UPS System product range to the entire distribution network.


Founded in 1991, INFOSEC Communication, a French company headquartered in Sautron in the area of Nantes, has found success in the electrical security global market, specifically in the field of uninterruptible power supplies and surge protectors.

INFOSEC UPS System solutions are designed to effectively protect sensitive computer hardware from potentially irreversible damage caused by power disruptions, outages, and interference.

With its vast line of solutions, INFOSEC UPS System meets the needs of both individuals and businesses, including the requirements of the more demanding fields of datacenters, industry, and medicine.