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Omnilogic Releases OmniVServ, Its First Cloud Computing Service

2010-01-31 12:56:17

January 31, 2010. Starting February 1, 2010 Omnilogic will release, as a premiere within the Romanian market, its first “on-demand” program named “OmniVServ”, within its regional initiative of promoting cloud-computing in the South-Eastern Europe, under the concept of “OmniVCloud”.


Addressing both companies and individuals, OmniVServ enables its potential users to gain significant cost cuttings and enhances overall IT&C efficiency through the consolidation of various applications into a virtualized, high-performance environment located in the most modern Data Center within Romania, situated in Omnilogic's Campus in Otopeni.


Beyond its technological performance, OmniVServ program is also very attractive vs. the Capex spendings, because it doesn't involve additional investments in end-user’s infrastructure, but along with the constant cutting-edge technology and maximum data security, it also provides 24x7x365 availability and last, but not least, additional on-demand resources - whenever needed, everything starting with only 1 EUR/day.


“In these days’ complex and difficult worldwide market, affected by so many challenges and by end-users’ constant focus towards maximizing financial results through continuous cost cuttings, the cloud computing concept shall capitalize on the IT&C resources consolidation trend by applying the virtualization policies on a wide scale.


Omnilogic together with its technology partners within this business vertical (Cisco, Oracle SUN, EMC, VMWare and CheckPoint) have issued in this first phase, a generic Web interface which will enable the potential customer to configure / reconfigure within less than 10 minutes an optimal, on-demand IT&C infrastructure solution, and in the same time, to decide on the time frame they want to use the respective solution. In other words, they will pay ONLY for what they need and ONLY for the desired time period.


Furthermore, Omnilogic have supported in the past 2 years (and we are still on the same position) the idea that online services will represent the main business driver both presently and for the next years.


In this respect, even if it is now extremely important for Omnilogic, OmniVServ program is only the first step in building a coherent cloud-computing strategy for our geographical region (SE_Europe). According to our business-plan, in each quarter of 2010 we shall add new products and services (infrastructure, software and business services) and all of them will be On-Demand.” said Mr. Gabriel Marin, CEO Omnilogic.


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