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SMC Networks launches new high performance switch range

designed to take advanced Edge Networks to the next level

2010-03-02 17:17:10

Barcelona, 2nd March. SMC Networks, a leading provider of LAN hardware and broadband connectivity devices, today announced the launch of two TigerStack II™ 1000 Stackable Managed Layer 3 Switches (SMC8926EM and SMC8950EM) − a new line of high performance switches designed to improve the performance of workgroup network infrastructures with enhanced performance, scalability and availability.


The new switches deliver wire-speed Gigabit performance over 24 (SMC8926EM) or 48 (SMC8950EM) 10/100/1000 BASE-T ports and feature two 10G module slots to enable XFP 10G connections to the core of a network. Leveraging 50Gbps of High Gigabit stacking, they provide superior connectivity to 200 high speed nodes in any network managed under a single hardware stack. And with up to four TigerStack II™ 1000 switches stacked together, the SMC8926EM and SMC8950EM provide up to 192 Gigabit ports that can deliver a switching capacity up to 176Gbps − making them an ideal choice for data centres, performance LAN segments, data-intensive applications or any environment that demands wire-speed performance.


“These new high-performance switches will be of particular interest to businesses that need to take their workgroup network infrastructures to the next level of performance, versatility and scalability required to support an ever-increasing array of advanced network applications,” explained Frank Emmerlich, SMC Product Marketing Manager Europe & Africa. “Our new TigerStack II™ 1000 switches enable businesses to upgrade their existing infrastructure cost effectively to a solution that provides the critical combination of future-proofing, performance, reliability and a robust set of features that will maximise the performance of the network and its applications.”


The TigerStack II™ 1000 switches feature 24- or 48- 10/100/1000BASE-T ports, including four combo RJ-45/SFP ports, two stacking ports and two 10G module slots for SMCXFPMOD slide-in modules which support 10GBASE-SR, LR and ER XFP transceivers for high speed fibre network connectivity or SMC10GBTMOD (available soon) which supports 10GBASE-T for high speed copper network connectivity.


The robust feature set of the TigerStack II™ 1000 switches also includes static routing, VLAN support, RIPv1/2, OSPF, VRRP, flow control, Spanning Tree, broadcast storm control, Jumbo frame support, ACL’s, 802.1x, RADIUS, TACACS+, static port security, DNS, and LLDP. The switches support eight levels of priority (QoS) with flexible classification and prioritization and provide per-port bandwidth management. As well as IPv6 and IPv4, the switches can also be easily managed via Telnet and SSH, HTTP and HTTPS, SNMP and through the RS-232 console port.


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