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SMC Networks launches two new ADSL2/2+ modem routers

2010-05-06 19:07:54
SMC announces that SMC7904WBRB3 and SMC7904WBRB4 are now available. These are the new ADSL2+ Annex B Wireless Routers that replaces the SMC7904WBRB2.

SMC7904WBRB4 is a highly integrated residential broadband access device which combines the function of ADSL modem, wireless G access point and four ports Ethernet router. SMC7904WBRB4 is fully compliant with latest ADSL2/2+ and Ethernet standards like IEEE802.3/802.3u, it is also TR-067 compliant, ensuring the interoperability with your ISP’s network infrastructure.

SMC7904WBRB4 provides high performance access to the Internet, downstream up to 24Mbps and upstream up to 2Mbps, making it ideal for individual users, SOHOs, and small enterprises. With SMC7904WBRB4, computers on the LAN side can communicate and share the Internet access and files with each other wired or wirelessly.

Both the SMC7904BRB3 and the SMC7904WBRB4 include Quality-of-Service that gives priority to real-time, delay sensitive applications like Voice over IP and Video on Demand, improving the user experience. Robust security is provided by a NAT firewall with Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI), Intrusion Detection System (IDS) and Denial-of-Service (DoS). VPN pass-through is also provided for businesses that want to set up users with a secure connection to their office network.

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