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Turbo-boots the network width SMC TigerSwitch release

2009-10-21 13:30:45

SMC Networks, a global provider of LAN hardware and broadband connectivity devices, has announced the launch of the new SMC6152PL2 TigerSwitchtm 10/100– a feature rich, Managed Fast Ethernet switch that includes 802.3af Power over Ethernet on all 48 Fast Ethernet ports, IP clustering and an extra four Gigabit ports. This addition to the global supplier's extensive and acclaimed TigerSwitch™ range is now available to the local market via SMC Networks South Africa.

The solution has a number of features that offer up several key benefits that boost network performance and contribute meaningfully towards a company's ability to communicate and compete says Paul Luff, country manager, SMC Networks South Africa. One such benefit is high density power over Ethernet. This enables easier deployment of multiple new IP devices such as IP phones, wireless access points and IP surveillance cameras where the availability of power sockets is limited.

Another is IP clustering. This simplifies the management of the network by allowing up to 32 switches, located across the network or in multiple wiring closets, to be grouped together into a single logical collection of switches – with a single point of authentication and management. At the same time the new TigerSwitch™ enables Gigabit throughput. This translates into assured reliability and resilience with two additional Gigabit copper ports and two Gigabit combo ports (RJ-45/SFP), providing enhanced uplink capabilities for greater throughput. "Speed, accuracy, flexibility and power remain key focus areas behind local network infrastructure investment. We are very pleased to make available this gigabit solution that meets all these requirements and empowers the user with additional ports, the ability to balance capacity and incorporate the advantages of additional IP devices. This is infrastructure that makes a difference to the core network and communication performance," says Luff.

The SMC6152PL2 also boasts advanced Quality of Service features that can reduce the latency of packets through the network, with specific traffic prioritization improving the delivery of converged data such as voice and high quality video over IP. Frank Emmerlich, Product Marketing Manager Europe and Africa at SMC Networks, commented: "The new Managed TigerSwitchtm SMC6152PL2 makes it simple for companies to add significant numbers of new IP devices to the network, manage multiple switches in different locations and balance network capacity. The high port density Power over Ethernet capability makes it the ideal solution for small to medium sized businesses that need flexibility combined with robust, reliable performance."