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Edge-Core Networks products are now available in Romania only

at Omnilogic

2010-08-05 15:53:48

Starting with august 2010, Edge-Core Networks equipment, produced by Accton Technologies group, are available at Omnilogic.


Edge-Core brand was launched by Accton in 2004 for promoting a range of L2 and L3 switched with new features, high-quality fiber switches and switches for metropolitan areas, for large scale, for service providers and enterprise - completing SMC LAN and broadband product range for small and medium companies. Thus, the company can provide through Omnilogic a complete range of solutions for IMM market.


As an integrated service team, Edge-Core is a subordinate of Accton dedicated to the sales of networking equipments & software of Accton and its strategic partners with the 'Edge-Core' product line. With the maturity of the networking environment, obtaining information is even easier and faster than before, along with the versatility of media broadcasting, this change has allowed the Internet to permeate into everyone's daily life. Edge-Core provides steady and cost-effective networking built-ups for Enterprise applications, no matter if the requisite is indoor, outdoor, single-spot, or multi-spots. Moreover, with the trend of integration, Enterprise clients will obtain faster and more convenient services.