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Omnilogic, Direct One and Frontal Communication conclude a

strategic partnership

2010-08-13 11:51:34

Direct One, Omnilogic and Frontal Communication announced a strategic partnership whereby the three companies will collaborate in order to maximize their current technological potential.


Given the diversification of opportunities and the increase in complexity of the solutions to be offered to customers, Direct One held that the technological development partnerships with current Romanian integrators (though useful in relatively early stages of the project), no longer cope with its needs and decided the signing of an overall new tripartite agreement for multiple technology areas with Frontal Communication, the leading Cisco partner in Romania (according to the common turnover), and Omnilogic - the main local provider of infrastructure and cloud computing services.


The partnership will exploit opportunities created by the proliferation of broadband services, especially due to increasing Internet video traffic type and movement of interest from technology providers to content providers.


In this context, the parties have decided to continue development of IP NGN network as part of the CDN - Content Delivery Network to Direct One with the solutions proposed by Frontal Communication. This will develop new capabilities for storage and distribution of content that will receive a new dimension through integrating cloud-computing services provided by Frontal Communication and located in Omnilogic Data Center in Otopeni.


The second direction of collaboration will join communication network resources of Direct One and the system integration resources of Frontal Communication, in order to define a comprehensive package of integrated services that both companies will be able to market in Romania.


“Frontal Communication experience as a system integrator (undisputed on the market in Romania), aligned with the technological infrastructure support provided by Omnilogic and supported by data transport network with national coverage such as Direct One, will create an unique offer in Romania at this time.

This partnership is aligned with Direct One strategy to launch innovative value-added services, especially video services, and can address new market segments "- said Marian Pantazescu, CEO of Direct One S.A.


" Direct One decision to end the current partnership with Cisco existing integrator on IP NGN and CDN - Content Delivery Network, is logical and natural at this stage of evolution of the market. There are a range of small firms with limited expertise on various technology verticals, but obviously they cannot cover the complexity of products and services that the partnership between Frontal Communication, Omnilogic and Direct One can offer to customers in the near future in Romania and the region", said Mr. Gabriel Marin, Managing Director Omnilogic.