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Omnilogic stands beside The Romanian Basketbal Team

2008-08-05 13:59:23

Omnilogic supports the Romanian Basketball Federation in organizing - together with other international basketball bodies – the U 20 Basketball European Championship Men.

The championship is the second larger European basketball event, and will take place at the Targu Mures House of Sports, between 1-10 August 2008.

It has become a tradition for Omnilogic to support performance, competition and fair play spirit beyond the professional boundaries, especially in sports. There is a close connection between our company and basketball, a connection that has been proved along the years by the constant support we have offered to the Romanian Basketball Federation.

Basketball is all about logic, vision, perseverance and team spirit, principles that have guided our company in its way to success. Omnilogic takes great pride in standing beside the Romanian players in a competition where the most important European teams will fight for the title.