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Omnilogic supports performance

2008-03-21 14:26:01

The famous Harlem Globetrotters basketball team delighted its Romanian fans during a tour organized by the Romanian Basketball Federation in partnership with Omnilogic and other media partners. The support offered by Omnilogic comes in harmony with the company's spirit and its long term objectives: to become an international success that will continuously confirm its value and competitive spirit.

Omnilogic has a significant tradition in supporting performance, competition and fair play beyond the professional boundaries. These principle guided the company during the last 15 years and powered it up to the frontlines of the Romanian technology market. Having Harlem Globetrotters in Romania was a dream come true. In business, everyone looks for the best partners as a guarantee of success and performance. A principle also valid in sports. Omnilogic takes great pride in contributing to Harlem Globetrotters presence in Romania, as their show transforms sports in art. This is the kind of performance we move towards in our business, and the one we desire to be associated to Omnilogic brand.