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SMC Networks introduces HomePlug AV Adapter for SOHO Market

2007-09-26 16:37:29

SMC Networks, leading provider of LAN hardware and broadband connectivity devices, announced an addition to its Powerline product portfolio. The SMCHPAVH-ETH EZ ConnectTM is a 200Mbps HomePlug AV Hybrid Ethernet Adapter supporting HD video and audio streaming, voice over IP, online gaming and broadband Internet access over existing AC wiring in the home.

In addition, the same signal can be sent over coaxial cable. The adapter provides the easiest and most cost-effective way to create or extend a home network without the need to run expensive cabling or perform extensive network configuration. Each available power outlet is turned into a network connection point.

The new adapter offers co-existence with 14/ 85Mbps HomePlug devices, plug-and-play installation, 128 bit AES encryption and auto-sensing technology which minimizes interference from other household appliances. For home and small office environments, the adapter has an innovative compact desktop design, which unlike bulky wall mount adapters, can be used anywhere in the home.