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Omnilogic has an almost 800 partner network throughout Romania. It is one the strongest, fastest developing, and most prosperous networks in our industry. Omnilogic's philosophy is working with and through our partners all around the country. This is how we see sharing a business, initiative and profits. Our business is what it is today due to our partners commitment to our common values, and to Omnilogic's personal action on this path.

This page is dedicated to our partners' community. It is the platform to our online customer support and our catalogue with thousands of products. It is how you can benefit from our e-offers, as well, and receive our e-catalog on a regular basis. End-users cannot access the secure areas of the site.


Find out more now about all the latest offers and promotions currently running for our partners! Save lots of money from various offers and discounts, join our OmniStar Partnership Programme, receive critical information about our vendor products and many more. Please sign up as a reseller in order to have access to full information on our latest promotions!


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