Busines Solutions

Business Solutions

In today business environment, your business and business drivers should be the central focus of the IT investment. Being used correctly, technology enables and supports business transformation. By addressing business needs you naturally address market forces, competitive pressures, and your value proposition. Before investing in technology, you certainly ask yourself questions such as what is the business reason for the IT investment? Why should you consider CRM, ERP, BI, SAP, or other applications? Do you really need them or a different solution? Are you better off investing in BI or would you be better off working through process issues? A system alone only processes information and no system will change your position in the market. But, with the right strategy focused direction, a well-deployed ERP, BI, CRM, BPO or other industry specific solution can empower your company to more aggressively and more effectively compete in the marketplace.

In other words, if you want the greatest ROI it takes effort to find consultants who know the application and understand business. Otherwise, you get another IT application when you need business transformation. Due to it's partnership with SDC, Omnilogic offers complex business solutions which are being developed based on customers needs and requirements. The software division of SDC offers a complete range of applications based on Oracle, IBM, VMware and RedHat platforms.

ERP Solutions

ERP solutions have become essential for any company which has a large turnover of transactions and whose continuing growth thereby needs to be sustained. Oracle E-Business Suite supplies ERP solutions in various fields of business, in which our experts are competent: Financial (General Ledger, Payables, Receivables, Cash Management, Fixed Assets), Logistical (Procurement, Sales, Inventory), Production (continual and discrete), Project Management, Human Resources, and Salaries.

Business Intelligence

Oracle E-Business Suite supplies a complete business intelligence and reporting solution. This solution includes native integration with data in E-Business suite, instrument panels based on rolls, a user-friendly display tool, guided navigation and complete support for ad-hoc analyses. With the business intelligence solution for E-Business Suite, it is possible to deliver complete information to the entire organisation, placing  information they need at the disposal of users at all levels in order to maximise efficiency.

CRM Solutions

One of the fullest Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions, Siebel CRM helps companies to achieve target growth using this tool to analyze activity. With solutions for more than twenty industries, Oracle Siebel CRM offers:

  • Capability to analyze recorded transactions
  • Pre-configured solutions dedicated to every industry
  • Access to data based on roles
  • Native integration with ERP solutions

Business Process Optimization

BPEL (Business Process Execution Language) is an open standard, created in order to design, construct and administer workflows, business processes and integrate heterogeneous components with the framework of a system. The product is equipped with adaptors that can connect to various systems (e.g. databases), from which data can be exported using various formats (xml, xls, txt, dbf) can be extracted, or else it can directly execute interrogations according to various tables.

Use of BPEL in order to integrate the various applications within the framework of the company ensures flexibility and an architecture open to new systems that can be added subsequently. Data transfer using BPEL flows represents a controllable process, with the potential to monitor and control errors.

Industry specific solutions

SDC has lengthy experience and acknowledged expertise in the implementation of specific solutions for various industries, such as specific solutions for clients in the fields of finance, telecommunications, and utilities, and document management solutions in the public sector.

The Oracle Siebel CRM Solution offers pre-configured solutions for more than twenty industries (sales, marketing, services, contact centers, healthcare, etc.).

Financing Solutions

As liquidity is still tight, alternative access to capital is in demand. Cisco Capital enables you to reap the full benefit of your Cisco Architecture faster, de-risking and improving lifecycle management, and in a way that makes complete financial sense. more ››

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