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Data Center Services

The IT operations represent a crucial aspect in most organizations. The “business continuity” constitutes one of a company's points of interest, the organizations using information systems to run their operations. If these systems become not operational, the operations may be entirely compromised, so an IT infrastructure is needed to minimize the breakdown times. For companies, the information security is another element of interest and concern in the same time, Omnilogic Data Center providing a secured environment, which minimizes a possible security breach.

Business Continuity is more than a concept for Omnilogic and the solicitude for the Customer and his satisfaction represent a competitive advantage to us. Omnilogic provides equipment and server management, their monitoring and remediation of incidents occurred in Omnilogic Data Center 24x7x365 through its two departments, Help-Desk and Network Operating Center. The provided services are standard or they can be customized, according to the customer's needs. Upon request, reports on operations, loading, availability, security threats, incidents, optimizations and other issues requested by the customer can be provided.

Omnilogic's greatest concern is the availability of its customers' businesses. SLA times (response, intervention, solution) are prompt, the Customer directly contacts the Omnilogic staff authorized to solve the problem and, in case of delays, the managerial escalation reaches the level of CTO and CEO.


Our engineers have vast experience on the equipment and systems from OMNILOGIC Data Center and their training level is guaranteed by the partnerships we have concluded with the vendors of Data Center equipment, Cisco, AVAYA/NORTEL, Oracle SUN, IBM, HP, VMWARE, EMC.

Omnilogic Data Center can provide connectivity through all major operators in Romania, VODAFONE, ROMTELECOM, ORANGE, SNR, Prime Telecom and others. Those operators provide entirely redundant connections, on various routes, from their points of presence to the Omnilogic Data Center. To provide a higher degree of availability, connectivity on various transmission media, such as copper, optical fiber and radio can be offered.

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