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Here you may find a few links to get started on blog reading. There are countless other blogs out there dedicated to virtualization and Cloud Computing in general. These three links will launch you straight into the center of virtualization blogging on the VMware side of things. From there, the sky's the limit.

VMware technology (and cloud computing because of it) has a very healthy blog scene, partially because of the community-centric mindset that VMware has always had. The community outreach guy, John Troyer (@jtroyer on Twitter), is the man of the hour at VMware, making sure their blog has a healthy contribution rate and many contributors. He writes a blog posting himself now and then too. From the main VMTN blog page, there are many employee as well as other virtualization related blogs. You can find the VMTN blog aggregate at:

One of the main contributors to the VMTN blog has his own blog site as well. One of the most prolific bloggers about VMware I think I've ever seen, Duncan Epping (@DuncanYB on Twitter):

Jason Boche (@jasonboche on Twitter) is a nuts and bolts guy with a lot of experience with VMware and virtualization technology. He's been around since the early days of ESX Server: