e-Digital Banking

In our role as a service organization, we endeavor to become our clients' banking technology financial partner providing products and pricing that will help our clients achieve their business objectives in the areas of transaction processing, use of credit, asset growth through home ownership and accumulation of savings. We will also help with long-range planning for specific banking technology goals such as Digital banking.
Superior Accounts, Superior Services
Trusto Blockchain Bank strives to be the banking technology partner for our clients and their families, by providing the products that meet the needs of our client base. Our product orientation offers those services banks and individuals, as well as assisting businesses with financial services. In addition to measuring our products by the value
of their service, we also offer competitive 14 years of quality service.
Money is Safe.
Trusto Blockchain Bank is a robust technology by any measure. As we continue to achieve these financial measurements of success, we continue to grow in a manner which allows us to serve our clients.
Finally, Trusto Blockchain Bank prides itself on its role as an ethical corporate citizen, sensitive to Blockchain issues, the environment, and standards of conduct that make us unique and caring. Trusto Blockchain Bank continues to develop a style we associate with small companies rather than bureaucracies. We provide the personal touch and extra responsiveness our clients deserve and expect while managing our resources and conducting our business effectively.
The value proposition for our customers
As a provider of banking technology and services security service provider and as a regulated company in the EU countries, we support banks and outsourcing providers in achieving growth in banking even in challenging times. A broad spectrum of customer segments (leading banks in Europe), can benefit from Trusto Banking Software (Trusto Technology being a part of Omnilogic Group of companies). These are notably universal, retail, private and transaction banks, and BPO/BSP providers, but also FinTech and development companies.
We support banks in implementing digital business models in the front office by expanding the Trusto Banking Software, especially in the suites close to the front end, and by opening up the software with the Solution Suite. Modern, digital client experiences present new requirements for design, mobility, and intuitive operation. At the same time, the integration with the Trusto core and a secure and consistent data flow need to be guaranteed. Trusto addresses these challenges by applying new technological concepts for new developments such as the Front Suite. A new technology stack that uses current technical possibilities is studying. It also allows for the implementation of innovative and efficient operating models. With the Trusto Integration Layer, new architectural and technological concepts for modular integration in the Trusto Core Blockchain engineering stage.
New architectural and technological concepts
The Trusto Core is an established technology stack that, especially in the Expert Suite, provides for consistent data storage, efficient transaction processing, individualization through parameterization and high scalability.
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