IT Services

Managed and Professional Network Services

The market today is undergoing a transformation that is both rapid and profound. Companies are being forced to retool the way they do business from the ground up, due, in large part to evolving technologies that continue to change the way customers purchase goods and services. At the same time, both customer choice and market segmentation continue to proliferate. Brand loyalty — once a sure path to profitability — is now harder to win and maintain. At the same time service, quality, consistency, convenience and selection—the fundamental keys to business success in the past—are no longer enough to ensure consumer loyalty and sustain leadership.


Under these circumstances, in order to meet customer's needs, companies should offer personalized solutions and differentiating products that create an emotional connection.


Increasing the utility and cost effectiveness of our customer communications network and corporate wide applications is very important for Omnilogic. Our managed and professional network services support our customers to meet this goal by serving as an all-in-one flexible network appliance that supports comprehensive business applications more cost efficiently than competing alternatives.


Due to the partnership with Frontal Communication, Omnilogic can manage the network equipment and applications on customer's premises according to the terms of an SLA (Service Level Agreement) established to meet the company’s unique business needs. To find out more please visit


Omnilogic provides equipment and server management and monitoring, as well as local/remote remedy for the incidents which take place either at the Omnilogic Data Center or at selected  remote customer premises 24x7x2, using Help-Desk and Network Operations Center (NOC) procedures.


The services provided are either standard or customized according to the customer's needs. Upon request, Omnilogic can provide reports regarding operations, loading, availability, security threats, incidents, optimizations or other aspects requested by the Customer. An experienced engineer team, specialized in various technologies, ensures Omnilogic Data Center management and permanently monitors the equipment and servers with series of specific applications.