Education Center

Education Center

For any project to be successful, it’s important to start in the right place! Whether you are a system administrator, a technical coordinator or a support engineer, to advance as an IT professional you need IT training to keep your knowledge and skills up-to-date. Today business is fast moving, competitive and demands a highly skilled workforce. Omnilogic training offerings are designed to support our customers in achieving these goals and together we develop learning programs that fit in with their strategy.

Together with Omnilogic you have an opportunity to expand or augment your technology classroom training on a short-term or long-term training room rental basis.

Omnilogic Education Center has three spacious classrooms, each classroom being setup as a computer workshop, and being available for short-term or long-term training or project-space rental. Each classroom is equipped with individual student workstations, overhead projection equipment, full wall white board, and independently controlled heating and A/C units.

The Center provides businesses, organizations, and independent instructors multiple classrooms available "on-demand" to enable them instructing their employees or clients in one of the Center's unit computer labs.

Omnilogic classroom experience includes instructor lecture and demonstration, followed by student practice through hands-on exercise as well as web-based resources. Classroom learning students have access to their own-networked environment, which enables instructors to manage hands-on lab demonstrations and exercises that mirror the professional environment.


Skilled experts

Our instructors will provide you with exceptional learning experience that will follow you throughout your career. Industry expertise, current skills, and professional certifications make our instructors the most experienced in the business. Our superior instruction and exceptional content will provide you with the skills you need to stay competitive in today’s changing business world.

Invest in people

As a VMware Authorized Training Center, OMNILOGIC is prepared to offer you the knowledge and skills to help you take advantage of the latest VMware virtualization and cloud computing software.We have the hands-on training you need to install, configure and manage your company's virtualized infrastructure. Our broad-based virtualization curriculum supports us in giving you the skills you'll need in a virtualized environment.

Benefits offered to customers:

  • Standard training or customized solutions to fit your training objectives
  • Consistent learning experience
  • Courses planned around individual and/or department schedules
  • Minimize downtime
  • Flexible scheduling to maintain productivity
  • Real-world skills to ensure your project's success
  • Tailored course material to fulfill business needs
  • Two activities in one place: training and testing center

VMware open classes

26 - 30 martie 2018
23 - 27 aprilie 2018
21 - 25 mai 2018
25 - 29 iunie 2018
23-27 iulie 2018

VMware classes on-demand


Cisco offers some of the most advanced technologies in the areas of routing, switching, network security and voice applications that require the expertise of trained professionals – Cisco certifications are required for nearly all Cisco IT professionals.

Within the terms of the agreement with Frontal Communication, Cisco Learning Associate, OMNILOGIC provides authorized Cisco courses and training that offer people the knowledge, skills and practices they need to add value to your business. The curriculum objectives support a tiered certification program for system administrators, technical coordinators and support professionals.

Oracle University

Omnilogic, an Oracle Authorized Education Resellers, is an organization who have been carefully selected to resell Oracle authorized education products and training.

Your success is too important to gamble on substandard education from unauthorized trainers! Make sure your training investment pays off by learning from the experts. Remember, choosing an Oracle Authorized Education Reseller means choosing Oracle University.

Omnilogic will provide you:

  • Expert instruction and certification preparation
  • Training materials developed at Oracle
  • Instructors certified and approved by Oracle University
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